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Octopus Energy Group

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The largest investor of solar power in Europe, and a leading investor in onshore wind.


A global portfolio of renewable energy assets valued at more than £3bn.


Supply energy to over 2 million customers.

Our supply partners

Green Hydrogen Systems is providing Octopus Hydrogen with pressurised alkaline water electrolysis technology.
Greenergy Flexigrid is providing Octopus Hydrogen with logistics for delivering green hydrogen to our customers.
NanoSUN is providing Octopus Hydrogen with mobile storage and refuelling solutions.
Luxfer is providing Octopus Hydrogen with high-volume mobile storage solutions.
Maximator is providing Octopus Hydrogen with hydrogen compression.
Atlas Copco is providing Octopus Hydrogen with hydrogen compression.
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Clean Power Hydrogen are manufacturers of the Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ (MFE), which can be used to produce green hydrogen and is a cost-effective alternative to electrolysers that use PEM technology.

The MFE utilises cryogenic separation to deliver pure hydrogen, is made from readily available materials, and does not require precious metals for membranes or powerful catalysts.

The ‘membrane-free’ approach is ideal for green hydrogen production as it doesn't suffer from the rapid drop-off in performance that can be associated with membrane technologies.

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At Octopus Hydrogen, we're committed to delivering an unrivalled end-to-end hydrogen supply solution to our customers. Critically, we want to reduce the burden on our customers by using mobile refuelling solution that means equipment doesn't need to be installed and maintained on our customer sites.

NanoSUN help us to achieve this with their Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station. The Pioneer is a cascade-based mobile refuelling station with integrated high-pressure storage and simple dispensing, making it the ideal solution for delivering green hydrogen to our customer sites.

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Luxfer Gas Cylinders are supplying us with 40ft long Multiple Element Gas Containers. They're a leading manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders worldwide and we're excited to be working with their team of designers and engineers to develop an industry leading system.

The bulk storage modules being supplied by Luxfer will be capable of transporting 1.1 tonnes of hydrogen from our generation plants to our customer delivery sites.

Developing a supply partnership with a company that has such a wealth of experience in safely transporting large volumes of gas will help us to make green hydrogen for mobility a reality.

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Green Hydrogen Systems are a leading provider of ultra-efficient pressurised alkaline electrolysers that can be used to produce hydrogen with renewable electricity.

We’ve ordered order two GHS HyProvide™ A90 electrolysers with a combined capacity of 0.9 MW for the production of green hydrogen. When fully operational in Q2 of 2022, Green Hydrogen Systems’ electrolysers will be capable of producing 389 kg of green hydrogen per day.

Green Hydrogen Systems are delivering electrolysers to numerous projects in Europe and most recently also in Australia. This is Green Hydrogen Systems' second British project, increasing its UK installation base to 1.8 MW.


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