Modern Slavery Statement

Slavery and human trafficking have no place in our business, and we won’t work with others in our supply chain who do not share our commitment to preventing modern slavery.

As a generator and supplier of hydrogen, we believe our own business is not at risk of modern slavery, but there’s a chance that partners in our supply chain could carry a risk.

We expect all our suppliers to operate in a fair and ethical way and we require them to be compliant with all relevant laws, including the Modern Slavery Act. We won’t hesitate to stop working with a business if they fail to meet our expectations.

We’re in the process of introducing steps to deal with modern slavery risks in our supply chain. Firstly, we’re planning to create contractual provisions for our suppliers and partners that’ll reflect their responsibilities to minimise their risk of slavery and human trafficking. Secondly, we’re developing guidelines for our employees to consider the risks of modern slavery before entering an agreement with new suppliers.